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I notice that the genre of blog writing is passionate, intense and personal. Reading blog writing can be different from other types of reading in that there may be less skimming. I believe the reading may be more critical in that the subject is probably of heavy interest to the reader if they have chosen to read it. In addition, the reader of a blog may be reading critically in order to rephrase or quote parts of the blog when responding to the blog as in Mark Brumley’s response to George Couros’ post entitled An Open Letter to Administrators in his blog Connected Principals. Blog reading on the other hand is similar in that the reader does skim through parts of less interest as one would a newspaper’s front page. Blog writing is different from other types of writing in that the audience is immediate.  The work is “published” for many to see. In addition, blog writing is different because it is done individually and privately where other published works go through many drafts and proof readers. To me this kind of writing is a bit self exposing as there can be mistakes and even misspeaking due to the immediacy of the publishing. This writing is similar to no other type of writing that I know of. E-mail more private in that the writer knows who the readers are. In blog writing the author has no way of knowing who the potential readers can be. Commenting adds to the uniqueness of blog writing and reading. Commenting causes the writing to come alive. The author of books may hear from fans or critics but, not as intimately and immediately as in the genre of blogging. The author can be swayed as in the case of Dan Meyer’s blog dy/dan in his post “Why I don’t assign homework”, to change his original thinking or be forced to defend his opinion. I believe that blogging can facilitate learning in many ways. In one way blogging can alleviate isolation that some administrators or others may feel in their field. Sharing experiences could save less experienced professionals from repeating mistakes or build confidence just knowing someone else has worked through a similar experience or situation. Sharing is the learning benefit that I believe blogging offers.

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