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As I form a habit of reading my RSS feed I find that I am reading more than ever before. I skim with ease through a greater amount of information. I see the advantage of having professional articles and the NYTimes all on my same page. Adding blogs to my daily reading also highlights the value of readers to writers. Reading the responses of readers demonstrates¬† how readers and writers can collaborate to create well thought out opinions. I read Reverse Instruction: Dan Pink and Karl’s “Fisch Flip” and read about reverse teaching. I worked with an art teacher years ago, Todd Conway who was recording some of his instructional lessons and using them in his classroom. This idea of having students view videos of lectures at home and using class time for coaching and trouble shooting takes Todd’s use to a new level. This allows students to differentiate instruction for themselves and save class time for collaboration. Collaboration is a much more important skill set than sitting and listening to a lecture. Collaboration is what reading is becoming through blogs and now even instruction.

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